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The Ladder M8rix™ is a simple safety device that sits under the feet of your ladder, preventing it from slipping.

Made from durable moulded Polypropylene, the safety device consists of a two stainless steel plates secured by galvanised topping screws. The fine metal grips situated on both sides of the Ladder M8rix™ hold the ladder feet in place, whilst preventing any slippage on the ground surface. Whilst we would not recommend unwise ladder use, the Ladder M8rix™ provides such a high degree of security that it can even be used on such surfaces as:

Paving stones
Ice / Snow
Wooden Decking

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The Professional version is shown above. There is also an industrial version, (+£11.00) with metal grips inside as well as out, this is suitable for work in bad conditions where the ladder feet could also be slippery, greasy, muddy etc. (for top surface contamination). Choose options beleow

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Professional Version
Industrial version for top surface contamination (+£13.20)

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